Wave-particle duality refers to the fundamental property of matter where, at one moment it appears like a wave, and yet at another moment it acts like a particle.

I use wave-particle duality as a metaphor for our own capacity for higher levels of consciousness, (as in a wave-like mentality), as opposed to limited, survival-based levels (as in a particle mentality)

"How safe the world will look to you when you can see it!" A Course in Miracles
"The world is not merely reflected by consciousness, it is co-created by consciousness." Ken Wilbur, Integral Psychology

I have become aware over years of experience as a psychologist, as well as via my own growth, that there are universal ideas that help everyone. In my experience, everyone has a sense of how they would like to feel about themselves and what kind of world they want to live in - I believe that these ideas are innate is all of us.

Through the natural growth process, as our brains develop and we mature, we will naturally question existing ideas and develop our own. Through life experiences we are often forced to change our ideas about ourselves and reality. However, we can often feel lost, adrift in this challenging world, and it is essential for our wellbeing to have ideas that anchor us.

Drawing from A Course in Miracles (Foundation for Inner Peace), I will provide a way to reconnect with universal principles to anchor you in your highest values and ideals for living. I have no religious affiliation and I overlook the patriarchal language and specifically Christian references in A Course in Miracles, focusing purely on the principles therein.

I also use an Integral Psychology approach. Classically, psychotherapy focuses on uncovering injuries and stuck places that hinder growth and cause unhappiness. This is a necessary part of the process, but there is far more to discover. My aim is to help people to find release from narrow concerns and to access the next levels of consciousness; consciousness developing from ego-centric (ME) to socio-centric (WE) to world-centric (ALL OF US).

Not many of us grow up experiencing truly unconditional love and a wholly positive view of the world/life and it is hard for most of us to believe this is possible. But it is possible for all of us to transcend the ideas we have absorbed from our environment and access higher levels of consciousness. We are all able to see ourselves and reality cleared of our ‘negative programming’. It is important to continue questioning and updating the ideas and concepts that skew our awareness of reality so that we can see it as it is (we might be very pleasantly surprised!).

All of us are able to find a better, truer lense through which to view the world. As individuals this is much needed and of great value, and for the world it is essential that we continue to evolve.

Ann Fielding

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