Treatment Choice

I think it is important to feel empowered to make decisions about treatment. Taking charge of your own mental health is the first step towards healing. So, when reading up about the options don’t feel anxious. Rather go with your gut feeling about what might suit you best – there really isn’t any ‘wrong’ choice. The choice mostly depends on your personal preference, time constraints and budget.

Here are some general guidelines to assist with decision making: -

Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT)?

RTT is a powerful and intensive intervention resulting in positive changes.

• Usually only 1 treatment is required, so this is a good option for people who have a busy schedule and don’t have the time for weekly therapy. • RTT doesn’t require much talking, so it suits those who find it difficult to talk about themselves • RTT is great when focusing on one main issue. So, if there are multiple problems, a block of psychotherapy sessions finishing with an RTT treatment is a good choice.

Psychotherapy – short or medium-term?

An initial block of 8-10 psychotherapy sessions is always a good starting point. For some, this is enough to make positive changes and even resolve the issue completely.

• Some people worry about having to attend weekly. I usually recommend weekly sessions initially, but spreading sessions further apart is an option.
• Having a set number of sessions can be motivating for those who like working towards a specific goal. • Others prefer to keep the therapy more flexible to allow for deep exploration, intuition and letting therapy unfold organically over a longer period.

As the treatment is a collaboration, I will always make suggestions and recommendations to assist you.

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Clinical Psychologist


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