I’m excited to add Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT®) as an additional intervention. RTT® was developed by Marisa Peer over a 30-year period as a hybrid, stand-alone therapy combining many well-regarded approaches of modern psychology; psychodynamic therapy, hypnotherapy, cognitive behavioural therapy and coaching.

RTT® can powerfully loosen the hold of negative beliefs. The gentle hypnosis helps to bypass conscious resistance, allowing the subconscious mind to receive new ideas. RTT® uncovers the root cause of the problem, reframes this and provides a transformation or ‘reprogramming’ of the mind so that clients can think differently about their future.

RTT® effectively provides the transformation that clients long for – freedom from painful problems of the past, often in just one to three sessions. This can be important for busy people who don’t have the time to attend multiple psychotherapy sessions. RTT® can also be used as an additional treatment at the end of a psychotherapy block to really establish a new mind-set.

RTT® works very well remotely because being in the familiar comfort of your own home aids relaxation, but it is equally effective in person.

Types of issues RTT® can be used for:-

anxiety disorders - self-esteem/confidence - relationships - PTSD – work/career issues – finances - body image - weight - eating problems - public speaking - motivation – procrastination – stress – achieving goals – exams – exercise – self-love - stress-related physical conditions - habits and addictions


The treatment consists of:-

  • A 30-minute initial consultation via phone or Zoom call. To prepare for this, think about the main concern that you would like to reframe and transform. Also, think about what you would like to think, feel and do if you didn’t have the problem. Use your imagination and don’t hold back!

  • The RTT® session, usually about 1.5 hours. Following this, you will be sent an audio recording that you should listen to daily for 21 days and periodically thereafter.

  • A 15-minute follow-up call.

Ann Fielding

Clinical Psychologist


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