Treatment Choice

I think it is important to feel empowered to make decisions about treatment. Taking charge of your own mental health is the first step towards healing. So, when reading up about the options don’t feel anxious. Rather go with your gut feeling about what might suit you best – there really isn’t any ‘wrong’ choice. The choice mostly depends on your personal preference, time constraints and budget.

Having said that, since I've been using Rapid Transformational Therapy (RTT) for the past year to treat a wide range of issues with existing and new patients, I've seen such excellent results that I would recommend this option. Patients receiving RTT have reported excellent results that could take multiple psychotherapy sessions to achieve. So I can now say with confidence that RTT is not only an effective intervention for a wide range of psychological problems, it has surpassed my expectations.

Although I’m well aware of the positive impact and effectiveness of psychotherapy, over the years of working as a psychologist I have seen that for some the problem becomes the focus. Whereas with RTT the focus is on the transformation or the positive change.

As a result, I now recommend RTT as the first option for everyone, either as a stand-alone treatment or combined with a block of psychotherapy sessions. RTT is great when focusing on one main issue. So if there are multiple problems, a block of psychotherapy sessions finishing with an RTT treatment is a good choice.


As we’re all unique, there is flexibility in terms of the exact number of sessions needed, but 8-10 psychotherapy sessions are usually sufficient. Following this with an RTT treatment will help to establish your new mindset.

I have designed a psychotherapy framework focusing on ideas and practices that will support reconnecting with the True (or healthy) Self. The psychotherapy sessions focus on highlighting your goals and values, gaining insight into the problem and processing past experiences and learning helpful coping strategies.

As the treatment is a collaboration, I will always make suggestions and recommendations to assist you.

Ann Fielding

Clinical Psychologist


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